Matt Marcus

Executive Chef

Matt Marcus is the new executive chef at the Woodall. Marcus, who previously served as the executive chef of The Farm at Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, and as the executive chef-owner of famed Atlanta dining institution Watershed, brings more than 25 years of culinary experience and a passion for ingredient sourcing to his new role. Throughout his impressive career, Marcus has established himself as a pioneer in sustainable, community-driven cuisine, and his dedication to his craft continues to inspire aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Marcus’ passion for ingredient sourcing is at the forefront of his culinary philosophy, and he firmly believes that there is more nuance in the way things are grown than in how they are cooked. He is a staunch advocate for caring for the earth and believes this is the key to creating dishes that are both delicious and ethical.

With Marcus now at the helm, guests at the Woodall can expect an exacting level of care for ingredients and a whimsical celebration of the bounty of the South. An Atlanta native, Marcus has developed close relationships with local farmers and looks forward to working with purveyors such as Oliver Farms and Our Apothecary for his cuisine at the Woodall.

Before arriving at the Woodall, Marcus oversaw the award-winning dining facility for the Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection, a fully seed-to-table property in Saratoga, Wyoming. As executive chef, he was charged with seasonal menu development and implementation, staff training and conducting daily cooking experiences with guests along with large-scale wedding activations.

Marcus studied at the American Culinary Federation and became executive chef at Hennen’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before returning to Atlanta in 2014 to become the executive chef at Portofino. In 2018, he took the reins at two-time James Beard Foundation Award-winning Watershed, where he debuted a reimagined menu that offered more experimental dishes alongside Southern classics.

Now, Marcus aims to make the Woodall the “neighborhood restaurant that everyone wants in their neighborhood” with a newly elevated approach to both cuisine and service. In addition to new menu items featuring more progressive techniques, guests also can look forward to tasting some of the award-winning Southern dishes from Marcus’ past in the coming months.

Marcus’ cuisine has garnered attention from National Geographic, Food and Wine, USA Today, New York Times and Conde Nast Travel, among others. When he is not working, he enjoys farming, spending time with his family and giving back to the community. Marcus donates his time to such organizations as Slow Food, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Jewish Family & Career Services and the American Culinary Federation.